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Module 1 Add a Dockerfile linting stage

Time: 10 minutes

Now that you have your initial pipeline setup, it is time to start integrating security testing. The first stage you'll add is for doing linting of Dockerfiles to help you build best practice Docker images. For linting you'll be leveraging Hadolint, which is a popular open source project for linting Dockerfiles and validating inline bash. The linter parses the Dockerfile into an AST and performs rules on top of the AST. The rules aren't all security specific but they have good coverage across best practices.

View your CodeBuild Project

For each AWS CodePipeline stage you'll be using AWS CodeBuild, which is a continuous integration service that compiles source code, runs tests, and produces software packages that are ready to deploy. The CodeBuild project for Dockerfile linting has already been created but hasn't been properly configured.

  1. Click here to view your CodeBuild project

Create the Build Spec file

Each CodeBuild project contains a build specification (build spec) file, which is a collection of build commands and related settings, in YAML format, that CodeBuild uses to run a build. This is the file where you define the commands for doing Dockerfile linting using Hadolint.

  1. Click on your Cloud9 IDE tab.

  2. In the left file tree, expand the configurations folder and open buildspec_dockerfile.yml.

  3. Review the YAML code below, paste it in the file, and save it.

version: 0.2

        - echo "Copying hadolint.yml to the application directory"
        - cp hadolint.yml $CODEBUILD_SRC_DIR_AppSource/hadolint.yml
        - echo "Switching to the application directory"
        - cd $CODEBUILD_SRC_DIR_AppSource
        - echo "Pulling the hadolint docker image"
        - docker pull hadolint/hadolint:v1.16.2
        - echo "Build started on $(date)"
        - echo "Scanning with Hadolint..."        
        - result=`docker run --rm -i -v ${PWD}/hadolint.yml:/.hadolint.yaml hadolint/hadolint:v1.16.2 hadolint -f json - < Dockerfile`
        - echo "Lint Results:"
        - echo $result | jq . 
        - aws ssm put-parameter --name "codebuild-dockerfile-results" --type "String" --value "$result" --overwrite
        - echo Build completed on `date`

Add the Hadolint configuration

When using Hadolint you can optionally specify a configuration file to ignore certain rules you might not necessary care about as well as specify trusted registries.

You can view all the current rules by scrolling down on the Hadolint github project

  1. In the left file tree, expand the configurations folder and open hadolint.yml.

  2. Paste the YAML below and save the file.

  - DL3000 
  - DL3025 


Pipeline Architecture

Below is the current architecture of your pipeline.


After you have successfully configured the Dockerfile linting stage, you can proceed to the next module.